This past Year has been one of new directions for us within the Party and new ground. The Boundary Review and Police Crime Commissioners have meant that as well as the day to day running of Associations and Local Authorities we have collectively attended meetings and various discussion groups to find a way forward, for the benefit of the Party.dsfwg
The Boundary Review has engaged virtual every member in the South East and brought the Parliamentary and Voluntary side together to agree what is best for us as a Party. With the legislation being passed in Parliament and with us looking to reduce the cost of Government this is a vital piece of legislation which has to be embraced by us all.
In 2005 we polled more votes in the General Election, however, Labour was returned to Government with a solid working majority. This is unfair on the UK to see a Party with the most votes not being returned as the Governing Party and leading the Country. This review has been set up to adjust the level playing field for all voters and to ensure that a fairer representation is seen at the Palace of Westminster. This has meant the engagement of all Political Parties, each producing their own interpretation of the Boundary Review by attending open xbsnggsmeetings across the Country. We in the South East held meetings to cover all areas with MP’s. Association Chairman, Agents and Leaders of Local Authority Council Groups during the consultation period. This allowed us to present the Conservative Party’s alternative proposals for submission to the Boundary Review. During these meetings these proposals were discussed and some associations had some minor amendments which were incorporated within the overall Party Proposals. The South East Region then approved these proposals and they were present to the hearings around the Region. Later this year we will know how these proposals have been received and accepted.
With the Police & Crime Commissioners we have held meetings in each area engaging with the Associations and Local Government Group Leaders. These Election’s will be held on the 15th November 2012 and will be a furtherdgqewg test of our Party. We have seen over the years a lack of accountability in our Police Force. This appointment will be the first ever elections for Police and Crime Commissioners. Commissioners are at the heart of the Government’s programme of decentralisation where power is returned to people and communities. Instead of bureaucratic, Whitehall led control of the Police, we will see accountability with the public having a real say over how their area is policed. This position will replace the existing police authorities which will be scrapped and they will have a larger role than the police authorities they replace. They will be elected using the Supplementary Vote (SV).
More to follow on PCC as is available.