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Thoughts on #cpc2014
More members attended this Conference than ever before according to when we first started to collect records!
More interaction and Closed Party Members only events!
More main stage introductions made by Party Members than ever before!


Lower taxes, helping those on minimum wages, helping first time buyers under 40, Ring fenced NHS, more homes, stronger controls on Immigration, Stronger restrictions on freedom of travel from EU members, In/Out referendum on EU membership, strong action against Extremists and enemies of the United Kingdom, English Votes for English Laws, Commitment to devolving powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, The West Lothian Question answered, scraping the Human Rights Act, introducing the British Bill of Rights and much much more!

#cpc2014 was more than just a gathering of likeminded Conservatives, it was a galvanising of the Troup’s from all wings of the Party behind our Leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom David Cameron.

I was delighted that I was asked to make 2 Session Introductions this year in the Symphony Hall, “Our United Kingdom”, “International Development, Defence and Foreign Affairs”. Along with being able to host the Constituency Lunch which was attended by the Prime Minister David Cameron, both Party Chairman Grant Shapps and Lord Feldman along with the Party’s Treasurers, Lord Farmer and James Lupton, Emma Pidding Chairman of the National Convention and Rob Semple President of the National Convention with 150 Association Chairman and guests. It was a delight to be able to issue certificates for such hard work and dedication to the Party some spanning 65 years of financial commitment to the party. I hope with the attendance of such senior members of the Party it underlines how much we rely on and appreciate the support of all our associations and that they are firmly always in the mind of our Leadership in the role they play to ensure Conservative Victory’s.

The 2 sessions I introduced enabled me to confirm our Party’s commitment to “Our United Kingdom” in as much by thanking on behalf of the voluntary party the Scottish Conservatives, confirmed our commitment to devolving more powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but to also state that we will address the “West Lothian Question” and ensure that we fight for “English Votes on English Laws”.
In regards to the International Development, Defence and Foreign Affairs session, it was a delight to identify our work to help young people who find themselves in life threating situations throughout the world through no fault of themselves. To send a strong message to ISIL saying we the United Kingdom will not be cowed by these barbaric killers was so well received and supported by Conference. To be able to finish on my pet subject the European Union really rounded of my conference for me by reminding everyone that it was us the Conservatives who have cut the EU budget, kept Britain out of the EU bailouts, vetoed a new EU fiscal treaty and it is only the Conservative Party that is committed to, and capable of, delivering a referendum on our future membership of the EU.

I was also asked to speak at the West Kent reception launching the campaign to fight and win the seat in Rochester and Stood after the disgusting way the constituents have been treated by their Member of Parliament.

So after all that and much more which I have not mentioned or remembered from this Conference, it is forward fighting with our millions of supporters to ensure a Conservative Victory at the General Election on May 7th 2015.